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About me and my practice

Welcome to Amy Evans Life Coach

So sometimes being a parent is the most amazing thing. When they giggle for the first time, or reach their arms out to you in the morning with their wide eyes because you are indeed the centre of their universe. Or when you get them into a super cute outfit and parade them around the local garden centre cafe and everyone smiles and cocks a head adoringly. Lovely. But let’s be honest, the giggle is likely to be immediately followed by some vomit, your back is probably screaming out as you pick them up yet again and if you manage an hour in the cafe before a nappy explosion you’re doing well. That my friends, is honest parenting.


I have two boys; a toddler and an even smaller one. I’m knackered. Number one was actually an alright sleeper. Number two is having none of it. On the flip side, number one seemed repulsed by my boobs. Number two can’t get enough. Swings and roundabouts.


Alongside being a mom (cleaner, cook, bum wiper and vending machine), I'm a certified life coach, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and Kinesiologist. Within my practice I blend these tools along with mindfulness practices to create tailored coaching programmes. I find the combination of these approaches enables my clients to explore further, dig deeper and clear more, in turn getting great results.

Since having my boys, I’ve found it a natural progression that my coaching practice has become focussed on supporting mums through this massive period of transition including the all important stage of figuring out who the hell you now are as you tentatively poke your head out of the perinatal trenches. With the addition of hypnobirthing and perinatal mental health coaching to my toolkit, I am delighted to be able to support parents-to-be, new parents and people who apparently used to not be parents but can’t really remember back before all the sleep deprivation!

The difference between my practice and perhaps other great sources of pregnancy and birth support, is that I don’t, for a second, think we’re all done and dusted once you’re home with babe.My aim as a coach is to support you all the way from pregnancy to way after the kids are running around and you’re able to prioritise yourself once more (oh yes you are!).

I’ve been there, I get it. I’ve been on my hands and knees sobbing because they just wont sleep. I’ve felt like a failure because breastfeeding is so damn hard. And I’ve looked in the mirror and wondered who the hell this haggard woman is staring back. Who spends her days changing nappies, pacing around a dark room bobbing a baby to sleep and can’t remember the last time she wore a structured bra! A far cry, in my mind, from the fabulous, respected, powerhouse who used to strut around the office in heels and awesome outfits having people actually do what she asked!

Together we can get you in your best mental shape, ready for a positive and enjoyable (honestly!) birth. Maintain balance and strength in those crazy first few months. Support you through any particularly challenging times and, when you’re ready, get to the super exciting bit of helping you figure out your new priorities and goals and what’s next for the super awesome goddess you are (who by the way, has just created life, so really there’s nothing you can’t do!). We’ll find the little morsels of opportunity for you time, and I’ll guide you, not back to your old self (hate to break it to you but that ship has sailed!), but to the new you. Version 2.0 you. Awesome mom, homemaker, career woman, business owner, whatever your goal. All of them if you want. You, just slightly curvier around the bum and accessorised with the odd sick stain!

I’ve found finding peace with this new life hugely challenging at times and I’ve grieved for my former self.
I believe many of us do, yet for some reason we feel uncomfortable being honest about it. But all the way through this tremendous transition I’ve taken one day at a time, put every single self care / self coaching technique I know into practice and continually sought the support of family, friends, coaches and health professionals. And now, with the benefit of hindsight, I know it does get better and balance is achievable.

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