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Discover your World's Best Self

Blending coaching, energy balancing and mindfulness to achieve lasting personal change.


One to one conversations, supporting you to identify your goals and design realistic action plans to achieve them.


Muscle testing to identify and fix structural, nutritional and emotional energy imbalances in the body and enhance wellbeing.


Neuro linguistic programming to recognise and remove deep rooted, limiting beliefs and enable profound transformation.

Self-led techniques to help train your mind to manage distractions and internal judgement and be present and engaged with the now.


Hi, I'm Amy

Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Touch for Health Kinesiologist. I utilise NLP techniques alongside traditional coaching methods and complement this with Kinesiology and mindfulness practices. It would be my honour to support you on your personal journey to discovering your World’s Best Self. 

Arrange a complimentary Discover Call and see how I can support you. 

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